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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Picture Updates

Before you take a look at our pictures, take a look at our new website: 

Rooftop deck, construction still in progress

Amy on the couch

Sitting room, living room, and bedroom 

View into the kitchen

Over Amy's shoulder into the sitting room

The commercial storefront

Our OSB hallway

Some more angles

Humboldt AdventureWear photo shoot at the Coat Shop.

Organizing the clothing before the shoot.  We just sold Butch the Bull to another Humboldt company.

Some models next to our corrugated metal wall and custom-made bar

Jon Marx Photography in action


Making it good

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arts Alive

We held an Open House/Art Show/Housewarming/Jam Session at the Coat Shop during Eureka's Arts Alive on Saturday night, March 3rd. The first Saturday of every night, Eureka's galleries and shops stay open late and feature local artists and musicians, along with wine and food.  It is one of our favorite things about living in Old Town Eureka (second perhaps only to sea lion sightings in the bay).

 We featured the art of several Hospice nurses that I work with, and the photography of Peter Carlson.  We thought a few friends would drop by, we serve some wine and cheese, and be in bed by nine.

Eureka had other plans.  

Kindred Spirits bluegrass jams
Ole and Butch the Bull.  Ole's mom worked at the original Coat Shop!
Art Everywhere
Artist's works displayed in our work in progress
We had a great time!  We brought lots of people upstairs for tours of the space, which was our first time  having anyone besides our friends/work crew inside.  It was incredible to see peoples' positive responses to the loft.  We got a few inquiries about renting the first floor, and met lots of our neighbors, including the owner of The Local, a new beer bar around the corner.  Score.