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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 roofs, a back upgrade, and beam hanging

OK, despite the month lapse in postings, we've been hard at work. We've hired and fired contractors, redistributed job responsibilities, done more demo, met and came under budgets, had contractors mess up (a lot), recruited friends to come help us out, and have started to get into a house-building rhythm.

Our major accomplishment of the month was repairing the roof. We added 6 skylights and a roof hatch and replaced the asphalt roof. All for $11,000, so I think we did OK.

What we've learned:
Amy is great at sourcing materials
I am good at making decisions and implementing plans
Amy has great taste
I can implement her choices and styles to look good
Amy is wonderful at researching options and presenting choices
I can negotiate to meet our budget and then push to stay on it
We are really good for each other

Below is a porch roof that we installed in the back of the building. Also, Amy installing wood beams on the front of the building. Note the High Life and stylish graffiti. We do have some nice trees on 5th street!

The back porch- our future entrance- is a work in progress. Note 1 of 2 installed steel gates (from the salvage yard. See previous post and video), redwood fencing, aluminum roof, redwood trim, flowers. I wrapped aluminum around the door hinge attachment points, trying to create a theme. But please don't look at the white window trim. It's coming off next week to be replaced by redwood like the fence. You can also kind of see the grey paint job as well. Amy's color choice coordinates well. I bought Amy the flowers.

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