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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In progress

So, we now have a real loft apartment (all still rough though).

This is Amy and me trying to layout our kitchen.

More soon...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely Bones

We started round two of demolition and framing this weekend.  Our goals are: demolish the existing ceiling and floor assembly between the two levels, expose two walls, and build a new floor/ceiling assembly that creates room for an apartment on the second floor.

Our dear friend Roger has taken on the role of dad-figure/contractor for the next month.  He basically gives us "to-do" lists and checks in on us periodically to make sure we haven't cut our arms off or hit a gas main.  Otherwise, we are left to our own destructive devices.

Well, not entirely alone.  Our friends Christi and Lukas came on Saturday to help us break stuff.  Lukas is 10 and has a way with a crowbar. See below: 

On Sunday we asked a bunch of our friends to come help us continue to break things.  No one could make it, and Jon had to work a ropes course.  So it was just me. So sad.  And also really, really bad-ass.  I was a one woman wrecking ball- tearing through lathe and plaster until I hit brick and redwood.  I only concussed myself once.

We since have managed to convince two carpenters, Joey and Greg, to help us out with the framing. We met Joey when we visited his mom's shop in Arcata, the K Street Annex.  We loved the stained concrete floor and counter made of wood scraps, so we asked the girl working there about the guy who had done their construction and design.  She thought we a little creepy, I think.  But we left her our contact information to pass on to the mystery designer.  Eventually Joey called us, seemed pleased that we liked his style, and agreed to join Team Coat Shop.

I went to a show with Greg on Sunday night and found out he was looking for off-season gigs, so we grabbed him too.  Greg goes on 4 hour bike ride sin the morning and then comes and does construction with us until 8 at night.  His blood is pure diesel, I think.

We are a few days ahead of schedule right now, so our next adventure is to haul some major appliances up to the second floor before the subfloor goes in.  Jon insists this will be a piece of cake, just a matter of "setting some anchors and tying some knots."  We'll see...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

For Lease

Yes, we are getting closer to leasing out our commercial space.  We are looking toward April, 2012 for the lease start date but that is dependent on our construction progress.  Our construction loan gives us till June to complete the project, so we have a bit of flex-time.

We have two options of leasing out the space:
  1. Lease the entire storefront area + the office space + 1/2 of the basement (all for below market rate, per square foot) for $1250.
  2. Lease a 1/6 share of the storefront, office, and basement storage.  This would be a COOP model where we would be part of the community and help organize the store.
We are excited that we are looking to complete this entire process in 12 months, a year early (fingers crossed!)

Here is a picture of my mom helping me with the For Lease sign.  Its a board we spray painted with chalkboard paint and then hung off the illuminated Coat Shop Sign.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Updates

Below are some pictures and project updates.  Only about 6-weeks+ late, hope you enjoy.

Our friend Clark measuring OSB for a wall covering

Here is the application, at the top of the wall, with the "stamp" as the molding

Post Rappel (side of the building) beam install

Our friend Laird installing a dual-paned window.  Heat loss if bad for all involved.

Bench making with all reused materials.  This project was fun. 

Hindu God Garuda, from Nepal, now a door handle

Amy and her love of metal rolling carts.  I think we now own 7 large metal rolling objects, not exaggerating. How could you say "no" to metal carts when she looks so cute?

Fake Fire, heater actually.  A good upstairs substitute until we hook up our natural gas fireplace.