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Thursday, January 12, 2012

For Lease

Yes, we are getting closer to leasing out our commercial space.  We are looking toward April, 2012 for the lease start date but that is dependent on our construction progress.  Our construction loan gives us till June to complete the project, so we have a bit of flex-time.

We have two options of leasing out the space:
  1. Lease the entire storefront area + the office space + 1/2 of the basement (all for below market rate, per square foot) for $1250.
  2. Lease a 1/6 share of the storefront, office, and basement storage.  This would be a COOP model where we would be part of the community and help organize the store.
We are excited that we are looking to complete this entire process in 12 months, a year early (fingers crossed!)

Here is a picture of my mom helping me with the For Lease sign.  Its a board we spray painted with chalkboard paint and then hung off the illuminated Coat Shop Sign.

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