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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Updates

Below are some pictures and project updates.  Only about 6-weeks+ late, hope you enjoy.

Our friend Clark measuring OSB for a wall covering

Here is the application, at the top of the wall, with the "stamp" as the molding

Post Rappel (side of the building) beam install

Our friend Laird installing a dual-paned window.  Heat loss if bad for all involved.

Bench making with all reused materials.  This project was fun. 

Hindu God Garuda, from Nepal, now a door handle

Amy and her love of metal rolling carts.  I think we now own 7 large metal rolling objects, not exaggerating. How could you say "no" to metal carts when she looks so cute?

Fake Fire, heater actually.  A good upstairs substitute until we hook up our natural gas fireplace.

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