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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tiling Sucks

So I think we've clearly establishing our blogging roles+responsibilities at this point; Jon takes and uploads the photos. I talk about my feelings. With that in mind, here's the deal:

Tiling is the worst thing ever. It takes forever, it's hard, and even if you work for a solid week on it, it still doesn't come out that great. Tiling makes me cry. Those pictures you seem below of me smiling and looking cute are really just me putting on a brave face for the paparazzi, like Jennifer Aniston.

I thought I would wait to write this blog post until the tiling project was over, when I would have a sense of completion and satisfaction and perspective. However, it is now clear to me that the tiling will NEVER END.

The project began about 4 months ago, when we gutted the gross bathroom- pulling out a busted metal shower stall and concrete shower pan, ripping out drywall and linoleum.

Three months ago we refinished the floor and repaired the plumbing so the shower would actually work.

Two months ago we installed a shower pan and I bought some cool white tiles in the bargain basement of the carpet shop down the street and we thought we'd make quick work of tiling the shower. Then we got married and had a honeymoon.

That part was awesome.

When returned home last week, we buckled down and started prepping the bathroom for the tile work. We covered the walls in plastic sheathing and Durarock and mortar. We then laid and cut tiles for 10 years. Or whatever.

On the bright side, I learned to use a new tool- the tile saw. Tile saws are the greatest. They make a cool noise and clean cuts and re immensely satisfying to use. The problem with the tile saw is that to use it correctly, you have to measure tiles and the spaces in which the tiles need to fit. And ya'll know how I feel about the measuring.

So suffice to say I miscut a lot of tiles. Not by a lot, but by the tiniest fraction of a cut, which it turns out matters just as much.

Last night we spread the mortar, and tonight we will clean and patch up the mortar and hopefully seal it in the next day or two. And then, maybe this project will end. But don't count on it.

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