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Monday, May 9, 2011

Demo, Reinforcement, and Redwood Style

After the success of the interior barn doors and our fence contractor friend's schedule filling up - Amy and I decided to tackle the back fence on our own.

We agreed on Redwood and scheduled our contractor (Jason from Configurations) to come out and reinforce the awning.  He replacing the rotted wood with new plywood and pressure-treated 4x4's.  
Step 1: Measure the fence and go to the resale lumber yard to buy the wood and have them cut it.  Amy is supervising the cutting in the picture to the right.

Step 2:   Load the wood, how pretty!

Step 3:  Bring Amy to the airport for her wedding shower and second bachelorette party.  Yes, second one.

Step 4: Go to Redwoods and Rivers and lead a adventure park and zip line training.  The picture to the right is a zip line conscious rescue drill.  For more info look at North Coast Adventure Centers.
Step 5: Build the fence on Monday morning and night before and after work.

Step 6: Pick up Amy from the airport, schedule a dump run, then design and build gates!

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