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Friday, June 3, 2011

Old Town Walkabout

Summer is slowly creeping into Eureka. Tonight after doing some chores at the Coat Shop, I decided to savor the evening light.

Lo, the photo tour of the Coat Shops environs.

The Lotus Lady recently appeared on the brick wall behind the Coat Shop. It's not graffiti, exactly. It's a huge pen on paper drawing that someone carefully affixed to the wall. I'm intrigued by our neighborhood guerilla artist and fantasize about leaving out plates of cookies and pastels for him (her?).

Our corner of Old Town is filled with Art Deco remnants of the neighborhoods 1940s heydey, Before The Mall. Patrick's still makes candy by hand. The Eureka Theater hosts bands and film festivals. Swanlunds is still developing photos the old fashioned way (they also appear to be holding on to the Glamour Shot school of portraiture).

My favorite mural in Eureka. Jon dreams of rappelling down it, wearing hospital booties to protect the art. Such a Renaissance man.

I followed the sun towards the water, into Victorian Old Town.

So nice to spend time tonight remembering why we choose to live here. Old Town is beautiful and haunting, not just because it sits on the mouth of the bay, but because so many of its historic buildings are still standing, held together by redwood and memories.

Good night...

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