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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Demolition Derby

Location: Back Room. Second Story.
Ingredients: Crowbar. Hammers. Shovel. Respirators. Coveralls. Beer.
Time: 2 hours
Experience: Joyous
Last night I discovered the intense satisfaction of the destructive process. After work, we ripped away layers of crappy drywall and green shag carpet, revealing beautiful redwood walls and cedar floors. There is really nothing like wielding a corwbar, working the angles to get the best leverage possible so that the drywall rips from the wall in glorious sheets instead of a thousand plaster cloudbursts.
The room is beginning to open up as we strip it down; we can begin to see what we're working with. The phrase "gut" now makes sense to me- the process of stripping a building down, layer by layer, until you can get into its guts and operate on the ciritcal systems like wiring and plumbing. It is so satisfying to be working towards the guts, to be slowly liberating our bulding from years of poor upkeep and half-assed handiwork so that it can breathe again.

1 comment:

  1. Great post.
    It's really great to read some of your writing Amy. I feel like I've really got a visceral sense of what you experienced. Plus, I feel like I know what joyous, self-satisfied, cackling sound goes with your pose in the picture.