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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dressing the Part

Here is our contractor, Jason of Configurations Building.  This was just before we climbed into the attic to measure the height of the ceiling to figure out how much headroom we can get out of the building.  Amy and I love rough industrial unfinished looks so keeping the space as bare as possible is key for us.

We also have fire repellant on the walls, which has asbestos in it, so we are being real careful not to disturb that area while wearing masks.  Jason went full HASMAT on us!  He looked real professional and safe.  We completed the measurements in one hour.

After seeing Jason in his suit, Amy and I thought that we should have suits too.  She dug up coveralls, I bought a used pair, and we went to town on a second demo night.  The picture here is grainy because there is a lot of dust in the air from our drywall demo.

Amy and I are gearing up for a MAY pizza, beer (keg), and work party day that will highlight:
- roof demo
- installing plywood sheets supporting basement walls
- exterior paint stripping
- sanding | stripping
- dump runs

And finally, just as we were ready to leave we decided to test the structural integrity of the ceiling beams by me hanging on them.  Amy took pictures and, from the look of it, ghosts of Coat Room past were whirling around.

Thanks for reading,
Jon + Amy

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