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Monday, February 6, 2012

Going the Distance, but Still so Much Farther to Go

Joey plaining our redwood beams down to beautiful 1x6 siding and molding.  We were super lucky to find him, his tools, and a kindred designer/maker's soul.

Dan, so tired after attaching our roofing material to the interior commercial storefront.  He came down from Oregon to give us some help for the week, so great!

This is our interior wall in the office/storefront - depending on the renter's choice.  It will look great with bright white walls/ceiling and shinny OSB flooring.

Here is our loft space closer to being complete (redwood walls to come).

Our first dinner with friends in the loft, more to come

Nicole and Wanda came to celebrate Amy's birthday and to help us scrub walls, floors, and get the place ready for our next week (and closer to completion).  So much help and awesome company.

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