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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Live Here

On February 23rd, we moved into The Coat Shop.  Well, technically, Jon moved into the Coat Shop.  When I left Jon and The Coat Shop on Friday morning, it looked like this:

The Coat Shop as construction site.
Then I went cycling in Healdsburg, CA (which is lovely this time of year) with my father and brother.  Three wily Cirinciones, roaming the hills on road bikes.  Good times.

While I was riding my bike and drinking tiny sips of wine out of goblets, Jon and his buddies were belaying our furniture (see earlier post) up to the second floor.

The move: in progress

Jon spent Sunday evening unpacking and organizing for my homecoming. When the weekend was over, I drove "home," but for the first time "home" was not a tiny apartment above an Irish sweater shop.
Said tiny apartment, now free of Jon and Amy
 Instead, I hauled my grubby panniers through a steel gate, up a flight of stairs, and into this:

 BAM!  Fire roaring, bed made, drinks poured, and Jay Z playing on the stereo.  I dropped my paniers, kissed my husband (who gave me a tour of our newly inhabited home) celebrated.  We live here now.

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