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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Disasters and Big Ups  It's maddening.

The past three weeks have been a shocking flurry of activity.  We met our inspector for the first time.  He was very friendly.  He said he liked the work we were doing and was impressed with how much we had improved the building and what a positive influence we were on the neighborhood.  He loved us!  Then he made us change a bunch of stuff.

So for a few days we were two steps forward, one step back.  Put up a wall.  The inspector inspects.  Take down the wall.

Neither Jon or I takes kindly to being told what to do, so we both bristled under the directive gaze of the inspector.  But we breathed deeply and smiled and nodded and did what he said until he left, satisfied that his power reigns supreme in the fiefdom of Eureka.

Our friend Dan visited for a week.  He brought his friend Montana.  Montana staked out the Coat Shop as her territory immediately, if you knowhatimsayin, but:

It was worth it.

Dan is intelligent and talented.  He's also a bit nuts.  One day while Jon and I were working, Dan did this:

And this: 

FOR REAL.  Dan hauled our appliances up from the first floor to the second floor by his damn SELF. He said it was the highlight of his week with us.  I pointed out the nights we made drinks and dinner and told old stories until midnught.  He just smiled.  Dan is awesome.

In other news, we hired a guy to fix the drywall we (ahem, I) thrashed during the Demolition Derbies.  I got a little carried away with the crow bar and did some pretty serious damage to parts of our walls that were supposed to stay exactly where and how they were.  

I did some research on drywall work and quickly assessed that it required patience, an eye for detail, and a lot of time. That eliminated Jon and I as candidates for this particular task.  

Every day this week I've watched the guy we hired diligently mix and spread the drywall compound, tape the seams, wait for everything to dry, sand it down, and then DO IT AGAIN.  Good call, Jon and Amy.  This dude is Sisyphus incarnate.

We're having another work party this weekend.  Lots of little projects to set us up for the big guns arriving next week: The sprinkler installers, HVAC, and roofer (Jon will have to write about that particular project.  It's his baby).  Once we get those guys done, we're doing the floors and then we move in.  Simple as that.  So...close....

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